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Most Windows users don’t take full advantage of what this operating system can do. Most of the shortcuts and tips we’ll offer you here can be used on editions of Windows prior to Windows 7, which is our main focus. Do you want a way to make doing your work more convenient and more speed out of your computer? Window has some methods you can perform to reach these goals.

It’s easy to click on the icon to minimize or maximize your view, but what is an easy way to get a full-screen view? You will love the full screen view when you are looking at one of your pictures or a video because the detail will be more precise Full Screen mode is exactly what it says. There is no header or text bar appearing on the screen. You can easily go to full screen view by hitting the F11 key in the first row of your keyboard after opening your chosen video or photograph with either Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player. To go back to the view you had before full screen, press the ESC key (escape). Unfortunately, this procedure is only for Windows 7 and Windows XP. Security is another issue that anyone who uses Windows needs to think about carefully. Those who use the Windows operating system may be at risk for problems such as spyware, viruses, and malware. An anti-virus program is your primary defense against these types of problems Practically every day a new virus will show up, so it’s important to keep the virus definitions of your program up to date in order to keep your PC protected. Aside from this, however, it’s necessary to use common sense and always be alert when you’re online. Two activities you have to be real careful about doing is downloading attachments and opening suspicious looking links. However, the most important thing to avoid is giving out your private information indiscriminately. Just use your head, and take precautions, and you shouldn’t have any security issues.

Those of you who own notebook or laptop PCs probably wonder what you can do to get your battery charges to last longer. There is an Energy Report you can run if you have Windows 7 that will tell you what you can do to extend your battery’s life. Click Start; type CMD in the box at the bottom; CMD will appear at the top – right click on it and choose “Run as Administrator.” The next thing you will see is a DOS Screen (remember them??) At the DOS prompt, type ‘powercfg -ENERGY’ without the quotes. Your computer will then generate a report that will tell you what you can do to conserve energy, enabling your battery to last longer. The report, if appropriate, will also suggest upgrades or drivers that you can change to or add to improve your computer’s efficiency. Your battery will give you more efficiency if you incorporate the changes recommended in the Energy Report.

This report has presented just a few of the numerous Windows tips and shortcuts available to you. You don’t need to learn everything, naturally. Just concentrate on the shortcuts and processes that help with your computer usage. What usually happens is that folks who start to check out the different shortcuts and tips that Windows offers, find themselves searching for additional shortcuts. lizardwebs 

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