1. It’s a bit dated, but still a very interesting video on the growth of the
    web and what’s next. Near and dear to my heart giving what we’re doing…The
    Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

  2. I think that everything being connected to the internet in a very big
    uncontrollable living thing could be getting out of hand

  3. Grid Wide News & Partners Organic Products Delivery & Cannabis Connect Are
    Building Web 3.0 Services Guided by STI International

    I’m currently focusing on efficient, secure and reliable personal social
    media practices to effectively operate & market this growing network of
    global enterprises.

  4. Want to Know Future of Internet? – Part I
    Future of #Internet: service #Web 3.0. With over a billion users, today’s
    Internet is arguably the most successful human..

  5. How futur customers will combine web services to get values. You need to
    adapt your business models | #bizmodel #webservices #silos #linkeddata 

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