Choosing the Ideal Massage Table

There are several points to consider if you’re shopping for massage tables. One thing you need to think about is your budget, as with any major purchase. You also need to think down the line, so you will need a table that will last you many years if you will be using it in your own practice. The massage table you purchase should also allow you to work well and offer the best massage possible while also being comfortable to your clients. This article will look at some of the important elements you need to keep in mind when you pick a massage table.

Height is critical when it comes to massage tables, especially if you aren’t planning on buying the adjustable version. The level of comfort of the therapist will depend on the height of the table, which means this is a factor that is more important to you than your clients. This will depend on your own height, as well as your own particular technique. What you want to avoid is having to bend over too much when you’re working. You’ll be the one needing a massage soon because your back will end up strained. If you are slightly shorter then this won’t be the case for you, but, in general, higher tables are considered better options. fuquay-varina massage

The client’s comfort is something that has to be considered when you buy a massage table. You won’t get a lot of return business if your table isn’t comfortable regardless of how good you are at massage. The main factor to consider in comfort is the thickness of the foam on the table. If you don’t have enough density you won’t have much comfort. So look for a high density foam that holds its shape. A good quality vinyl cover is a must. This dense foam will increase the weight of your table.

The face cradle is an important element of any massage table that will dictate how comfortable a massage table is. Your client’s face will be resting on this area during their massage and it can have a significant impact on the level of relaxation he or she will experience during the session and will directly impact the effectiveness of the session. The face cradle has to fit your massage table properly. Face cradles are generally either aluminum or plastic, though they can also be made from memory foam or wood. There are both adjustable and fixed face cradles available. The position of the person’s face and neck are crucial when it comes to massage, so you have to pay close attention to this massage table accessory.

Massage tables are a necessity in any massage practice. One of the things your clients will notice is if the table they’re on isn’t sturdy or worse yet uncomfortable. Those tips can be lifesavers as you look to choose a table. You will be more capable of performing at your highest potential with a good table. 

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