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Throughout the winter, it is only the plans for my next garden and colorful seed catalogues that keep me from singing the gone-garden blues too forlornly. Thank heaven for those gifts from seed companies in my mailbox from which I clip bright, sunny pictures of flowers, lettuces and tomatoes to adorn my refrigerator in an attempt to contrast the drabness of the brown and white reality outside my window. Winter Solstice is always celebrated with great fanfare and gratitude as I count the few new minutes of light added to each day as evidence that spring is just around the corner.hummingbird

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Even though we have had hard freezes on two nights so far this fall, I still have several of these cute hummingbird moths feeding on the Sonoran Sunset agastache plants in my yard in Colorado. Have you seen any of these hummingbird moths? Our migration map is interactive, so please feel free to post your sightings. This will help everyone follow the migration journey and estimate the their arrival. We hope to help you enjoy your hummingbirds more than ever, so s tay a while and browse all the free information.

You can attract hummingbirds by planting red flowers and putting up a hummingbird feeder. You can tie some red ribbons to the pole where the feeder hangs. Use a four-part water to one-part sugar solution to fill the feeder. You need not add any color or vitamins to the nectar solution. Hummingbirds can also be attracted to a reliable water source such as a mister or dripper. During nesting time hummingbirds may not be as likely to come to feeders. They are feeding insects to their young. Once the young have left the nest and during the fall migration you will probably noticed increased activity at your feeder.

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