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I am writing an essay about real estate and I need to know some general stuff about it. How do you define real estate? If you are involved in real estate, what did you do and what kind of education did you go through in order to involve your in the real estate world? Also, why did you choose real estate? What was so special about that you made you want to do it. Today I found out that… Real estate covers many ventures. Real estate is property that doesn’t move and is not portable. It’s not shipped or picked up. It’s called real because it stays where it is and someone decided that was a good word for it not being movable and the land it’s on is an estate. There is a subject in finance called real estate finance. Because real estate is expensive, it’s similar to banking and requires a finance disciple to acquire the capitol to invest in real estate, short of being a rock star who happens to wants a 5 million dollar home. Generally a business would need investors to open a small 5 million dollar inn and much more to open a large office building, shopping mall etc. It has nothing to do with selling a house as a sales agent. No sales agents sell skyscrapers or resorts. It is an entirely different segment of real estate. There are advantages such as it’s not a house sale and people invest because of the business. In real estate investment you can be a strip mall, vacation resort, condo complex, office building, hospital, nursing home, theme park or anything you want to be invested in.

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Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, and considered a satellite town of Raleigh. A very small portion of the town extends into Wake County


The community which has grown into the Town of Clayton was built on a road cut by Governor Tryon’s troops around 1770 as they marched North from New Bern to Hillsborough against the Regulators.