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How to become a good Real estate business man in Bangalore city? And where to Register as Real estaters? Please send me all Legal formalities for starting for starting Real Estate business. Basically… Dear Mr. Ajith, Real Estate Business is one such Business which does not require any legal or any other formalities. You can start your own business any time any where in Bangalore. What you need is a vehicle and an excellent communication talent. First you should identify the Properties which are for sale / rent. Tell the owners that you will bring the tenants or buyers. Get your commission once the deal is completed. Presently the commission is one months rent or 2% of the property value. Just print your visiting card and start promoting. One more tip from me is, approach the Apartment Builders. Negotiate the commission and start selling the Flats. You will also get Commission from the buyers. Mean while register your name in www. Magicbricks. Com and other similar sites. These sites have a special section for Agents / Brokers. Good luck.


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