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  1. CliqueRevolution, November 14, 2013 4:46 pm - Marketing

    Specialization, differentiation, segmentation and concentration – Bryan
    Tracy is a real marketing expert. Traditional marketing works wonders when
    everyone is going digital.

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  2. Heritage Instore Marketing, November 20, 2013 9:24 am - Marketing

    Thank you so much for your information..

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  3. GananciaBimLatino, December 1, 2013 12:45 am - Marketing

    thanks for sharing this information, in my canal I have some similar

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  4. Jeri Reb, December 15, 2013 2:26 am - Marketing

    Excellent. Thanks Mr Brian Tracey for sharing this piece of vital info on
    Marketing strategy.

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  5. World Class Seminars, December 17, 2013 12:46 am - Marketing

    Excellent speech Brian! Love it! 

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  6. TechieBunny, December 18, 2013 2:13 am - Marketing

    Very informative.

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  7. Ben Lopez, December 30, 2013 1:32 pm - Marketing

    “Quality & Service” is the main thing that sales people used to just focus
    on, which I learned was a terrible marketing strategy. Now I see why the
    company was dropping a minimum of 10% annually in sales. Brian Tracy is
    the best!!

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  8. Chitu Phiri, December 31, 2013 6:08 am - Marketing

    Its great to listen to Brian. Applying will lead you to be a winner.

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  9. mrjcasino, January 4, 2014 2:42 pm - Marketing

    Quality and Service = Danger to society. Love it!

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  10. Dawn Callahan Kettlewell, January 6, 2014 12:58 pm - Marketing

    Brian really knows marketing. It’s always a pleasure listening to his

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  11. don king, January 8, 2014 2:18 pm - Marketing

    Zero Cost Marketing: How to Reach Millions of Qualified prospects…

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  12. david hauser, January 27, 2014 12:15 am - Marketing

    I watch the video this guy is GOOD….

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  13. Demba Coulibaly, January 30, 2014 12:08 pm - Marketing

    Excellent speech is very inspired me

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  14. Deborah MacDonald, February 15, 2014 12:11 am - Marketing

    What else I should say? A comprehensible and concise run down of principles
    added with examples and feasible reality, that just explains it all. Thank
    you for this one! More power!

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  15. Dominic Kanaventi, February 19, 2014 1:55 am - Marketing
    Where’ve you been while I struggled with a marketing degree for so long?
    This is a wonderful no-nonsense semi-informal academic lecture. I shall
    follow you for the rest of your lectures and find what I really need until
    I qualify and get my degree. Thank you for a most comprehensive educational
    story-telling lecture. Excellent!

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  16., February 21, 2014 10:14 pm - Marketing

    This is good.. especially ” You Need to Give your Customer the reason to
    buy.. not 10% Off.

    What is your competitive advantage what do they like about you compare to
    the other guy /… Then use that in your sales

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  17. Keenan Rainer, February 21, 2014 10:25 pm - Marketing

    What a break down. This will be put in to effect immediately. Thanks Brian!
    You are the man!

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  18. Abdulla Mulla, February 22, 2014 2:39 pm - Marketing

    i will just comment in one word about this lecture ” problem is solved” 

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  19. Danielle Reid-Clavelle, February 25, 2014 10:38 pm - Marketing

    I am currently doing a distance education course and one of my classes is a
    beginner level marketing class. The professor is horrible, pretty sure he
    is just reading off a paper majority of the time, BUT THIS IS GREAT! Thank
    you Bryan Tracy for sharing your knowledge!

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  20. Digital Marketing for Small Business, March 2, 2014 1:04 pm - Marketing

    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

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  21. Filip Mukoko, March 6, 2014 11:19 pm - Marketing

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned. I find this information of
    great value and will put it to use right away as I’m currently starting up
    my own business. You and Zig are my two favorite speakers and business
    coaches, helping me pave the way to making my dreams a reality. Bless your
    heart, Mr. Tracy.

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  22. Proterra Advertising, March 7, 2014 1:44 pm - Marketing

    Excellent information! Having a precise marketing strategy is key to any
    business’ overall success

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  23. carlos stanley flores Brown, March 7, 2014 9:06 pm - Marketing

    Verygood video, visit my chanel to more of marketing.

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  24. Ajmal Paima, March 13, 2014 5:05 pm - Marketing

    Very Powerful!

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  25. Sarah Taiwo, March 18, 2014 8:24 pm - Marketing

    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

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