Making Your Windows 7 Speedier and a Better Performer

Faster than any previous Windows system, the Windows 7 operating system is the best to date. Some steps may need to be made, however, especially if it is not running at optimal speeds. This article will show you how to alter several things that will help you make Windows 7 more efficient than it already is. raleigh computer repair

There are certain sounds on your computer, such as the sound it makes when starting up that can affect your booting up speed quite a bit. You can adjust your sound settings to eliminate such unnecessary sounds. You’ll only be shutting down nonessential sounds (start-up, closing programs) that Windows itself makes, it won’t leave you with a silent computer that can’t play videos. Unless you have a need to have your computer recall your searching behavior, you could free up memory by disabling search indexing. To find this, just go to the search box and type in “index” and you’ll see the indexing options control panel.

When you want Windows 7 to perform as well as it possibly can it’s important to keep your registry clean. This is where Windows stores important data that’s necessary to keep it functioning.

A registry cleaner is a program that scans your registry for errors and automatically fixes any problems that it finds. This isn’t something that you should do just once–it needs to happen regularly because you just never know when new problems are going to come up. When you use your computer each day and still want it to perform properly, you should clean your registry at least once time per week. This is one of the best ways to improve the speeds of Windows 7 and there are a lot of really good registry cleaners out there to choose from.

computer repair raleigh Windows 7 is easy to speed up if you turn off a few of the features that you don’t normally use (or that you don’t use often). You can, for example, go to Systems Properties and turn off many visual effects that can slow down your computer. This may make your desktop a little less flashy, but the graphics you’ll be losing don’t perform any essential functions. Another Systems Properties feature that you won’t need is Remote Assistance. Depending on which features you use regularly, you could probably turn off quite a few features. Help and Support (as an example) can be switched to manual mode so that it will not load automatically when you start up your computer. There are many ways to speed up Windows 7. The system is actually very fast comparatively speaking and by doing just a couple things, it will run even faster. Programs that you don’t use on a regular basis can be removed with no problem at all. Try some of the above tips and tweaks, and your computer should soon be running a lot more efficiently. 

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